The project management discipline is steadily gaining recognition and acceptance as a key process to assist companies in their quest for timely delivery of products while meeting defined quality, regulatory, and budgetary objectives.  There is no industry where time-to-market is more critical than in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical device industries.  Unfortunately, there are rarely sufficient resources to adequately address and support the discipline internally.  Chan Consulting Services, LLC provides both start-up and established companies with the needed skills to complete challenging projects where there are insufficient internal resources to accomplish the task on time and within budget.

Whether you require cross-functional project management support for a single project or would like to develop and implement an in-house project management system,
Chan Consulting Services, LLC has the experience and skills required for the undertaking.  With experience managing all phases of drug, diagnostic, and medical device development programs, Chan Consulting Services, LLC can successfully assist and support the advancement of your project to the next phase of development and beyond.

Chan Consulting Services, LLC is dedicated to the delivery of high quality results to meet or exceed customer expectations while maintaining strict confidentiality and adherence to company and industry policies and procedures.
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